A customer got hit in the eye with a nerf dart, I will copy and paste the dialogue, minor editing of the texts:

Customer: When you had someone talk about an eye getting improvement on liquid manna. Which one do you recommend? I got hit with a nerf dart in my eye this week and have hyphema of the eye with high pressure. Luckily my retina didn’t tear but it’s a long road of getting better. I am going to order some liquid manna but not sure which one would be best? The rad detox or the regular one?

Liquid Manna: Sorry to hear about your eye, that was our Mom your are referring to, at the time we only had the Red/Green and that is what she used, I will link the blog here:


I have not used the Rad D-Tox for this type of thing, but it does have the oxygen energy in it, and you have witnessed amazing results, you would be the first that I have recommend it to for the eyes, but that might be the best, realize this is just thinking about all that it has done, for you and others, but I am thinking with your injury to strongly consider the Rad.

Customer: Yea that makes sense. I’ll try that first.

Customer today 3:04 pm: God bless you! That is so incredibly nice to send me two of them and liquid manna water. It is so appreciated. I have been so depressed about my eye issues and feeling hopeless because it is gonna be so many weeks of worrying about it re hemorrhaging or the retina tearing. I have been having head aches all morning and can just see out of one eye clearly. I have put both rad detox and the liquid manna water in and the head ache is gone. I can’t wait to go to my next eye appointment and I just know this is gonna work some kind of miracle. It’s already less red. Thank you so much! (sends first picture of red eye)

Customer The eye doctor would not even guarantee me that I’ll be able to see like I did prior to this. I think liquid manna may be my last hope. The eye drops are just keep pressure down inside eye and I don’t even trust steroids do anything. They have me on all these eye drops that I would typically oppose but I have no other ideas at the moment. I’m told it will be months but I won’t accept that. I know this is already giving me more relief than I’ve had for the last week. I’ll be sure to send you an after picture that I genuinely believe will be better much sooner than the eye doctor says. You can post it in your blog too

Customer today at 4:21 sends the clear eye picture:: How is this possible??????
The ophthalmologist isn’t going to understand how this is even possible!!!
The black spot disappeared in 20 minutes of taking it!! I was told it could be weeks before it dissolved

I did both Rad D-Tox and the red-green stuff

Liquid Manna tonight: That is quite a change!! I am so happy to see such a dramatic improvement in such a short time, I am so glad for you, yes I will try to post this, this is amazing!! PTL!!

For about a year I’d had this kind of dull ache in my right buttock. Progressively got worse over time to a point where I could not sit down or go to sleep in any position. That led to sleep deprivation and after 5 days I was at a low ebb and pretty desperate for an answer. Medication bought some relief but at a cost of a damaged stomach lining and dehydration. Came across liquid manna on you tube and listened to podcasts. Ordered a few bottles of L M and when they arrived started taking as directed. That night I placed a bottle on inflamed area. I can tell you this within a couple of days pain had subsided and within a week I was back to normal. Nothing short of a miracle. So grateful for this product it’s amazing thank you so much.
Mike R.  from UK
I began using Liquid Manna Oxygenated water around 2010 approximately.
A massage therapist friend indicated that one could put an unopened bottle of Liquid Manna Oxygenated water into the bathtub and it would oxygenate all the water in the tub.
He told us we could gain many benefits from then soaking in that water for 20 minutes or so…i have done that almost daily ever since.
My understanding is that this process results in detoxifying the body…pulling out and off toxins that build up in our bodys each day …an example would be Round Up Weed killer or Mold ect…
I also drink the liquid manna by mixing a teaspoon full into a large glass of water or at times when very sick i will sip a bottle of liquid manna straight.
The above protocol I’ve mentioned has had many positive results…
I fully believe that by utilizing liquid manna i have been able to detoxify years of debris and toxins that have been stored in my body.
It is a process to regain health and it’s not “overnight” but there is an unmistakable change in my body and particularly in my head and even in my mind. Praise God!
About a year ago i began having very strange pain in my head and i felt i couldn’t think straight…i felt very emotional and very weak….it was truly frightening!
I have friend who is very gifted at muscle testing and with her help and much prayer i realized the culprit causing this terribleness that was happening to me…they had installed a huge ,many armed electromagnetic cel tower just across the street from my house!!!
My friend told me i needed the Liquid Manna R.A.D. drops NOW!!
My situation was so horrendous that i barely could hold my head on!
I give all the PRAISE and Glory to Jesus Christ for “bringing to the light of day that which was hidden in darkness”
Within a week of taking 2 full dropperfuls of the Radiation Detox drops my symptoms began to calm down…the fear began to subside and i felt i had dodged a bullet!
I find i need to take a dropperful daily to stave off the terrible effects of all the electromagnetic crap all around us…I DO NOT KNOW WHAT I WOULD DO WITHOUT THIS PRODUCT!
I thank God for enlightening Fred and then David to be able to come up with these LIFE SAVING NATURAL products!
Kathy T.

It’s been a little over a month. I ordered the Liquid Manna. I have Meneirs Disease and Vestibular Migraines. My daughter has the same diagnosis but different symptoms. Before Liquid Manna…I was NOT able to sit and ride in a car for over 40 miles without symptoms of vomiting and dizziness, headaches and light sensitivity. I was not able to look at the scenery as I drove or rode down the highway unless I would get dizzy and vomit. I couldn’t sleep lying flat or dizzy spells occurred. My daughter could not sleep flat and have violent dizzy attacks every three months like clockwork. I am proud to say after drinking the liquid Manna and wearing the mask I am able to live a normal life. I was able to ride in the car from Virginia to Georgia with no complications!!!!! I could look at the trees and buildings at night and have fun. I had small discomforts but nothing to prevent me from enjoying my trip like before. This stuff is amazing. I can not believe it!!! My daughter can sleep flat and her episode for this months has not occurred. We are crossing our fingers. I gave it a month before I reported the outcome. I don’t take those strong medications that kept me drugged up and drowsy anymore! Thank you very much!!!! I look and feel normal again. This stuff really works!!!!!

9-2-10: I went to the dentist to have a crown put in. Prior to that, they had done surgery on my gum. Of course, I was in pain even though the area was numbed. Once I left the dentist’s office, (I carry my water with me everywhere I go), I put some water in my mouth and let it stay for less than ten minutes. I have not experienced any pain since!

9-2-10 through the present: My transit time to the bathroom has increased in both areas which are great! I have spent thousands of dollars on my colon/bowels due to constipation. No more! I am regular — several times regular (smiles). I am loving it. I have a lot of energy.

9-5-10: This is the big one! Having been in the hospital for so long, of course, my strength was not what it should be. I could not stand for long periods of time because I was extremely weak. However, day by day, I am healing since I have been drinking the Liquid Manna. I get stronger by the glass full, so to speak (smiles.) Today I walked to the end of my street — not a full block, but one portion. That is a huge experience. That is the first time since I was discharged on 8-27-07 that I have been able to walk. I know that eventually very soon, I will be able to walk the entire block . . . all four sides. I couldn’t wait to share this with you, and yet I almost forgot because we were talking about the water so much! This has made my day. So now I am encouraged to get up every morning and take a “stroll” down the street! I will keep you posted as I progress.

This is the last cycle of chemo, and I will be taking the Royal Liquid Manna. By the way, my name which is in Hebrew and Sanskrit means “Healing Water” in Sanskrit, so I know this is it for me. I took a long road to get here; however, all praise to the Divine Creator. I made it!

9-27 & 28-10: I walked around the entire block for the first time in three years! The Liquid Manna has given me such expansion in my lungs that I have “the wind in my sails” again. No, I am not running yet! Just walking and walking!

I am now putting three drops in my eyes daily and the “floaters” are floating away! They are clearing away slowly but surely. Veins that were knotted in the right leg have “sailed away”! The water has prevented the side effects of the chemo. I don’t expect to be doing another cycle next month.

What this technology has done for my health in less than 30 days is amazing to me! I have so much more energy! I feel alive. When I awaken, I am rested, even though I have many more trips to the bathroom at night! But it’s all good! The more I can detox my system, the healthier my body becomes! The body heals itself when it is functioning optimally.

I have noticed that it also tones the skin and just makes one feel more at peace with one’s self.

We all want to thank Fred for introducing us to Liquid Manna technology.