NT Products

We have been using our technology to develop and try for ourselves different products that take the energy signature of different vitamins and solutions and put that energy with the oxygen molecule in water. Much the same way that our Rad-D-Tox is different than our oxygen-enhanced water, it’s about scalar signatures. For a few years, we have let people try these products that help give the body the energy that it can use to help heal itself, and because of those results, we are making available some of these products. A pull quote from Nikola Tesla states that oxygen is the element that can pick up and carry unique electrical signatures, and it is with that in mind that we call this line of products NT Products.

Our general directions on the bottle state that to take NT Products under the tongue, and that is a great way to take them, but some have asked if you can put some drops in water and drink it that way, and the answer is yes you can!! We suggest if you put the drops in a small gleass of water swirl a bit around your mouth and let it linger under the tongue before you swallow.