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  • Our trademark is issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Reg. No. 4,339,113.
  • The first use in commerce was October 30, 2010, and the final trademark was issued on May 12, 2013.
  • The trademark is for the words “Liquid Manna” for oxygen-enhanced water.
  • Our Label is now Trademark, Reg. No. 5,363,031

Names of Products

There are people who are interested in how the first water came to be called Red / Green, and why colors were used for the first waters. and relative strength of the different levels of Liquid Manna. This is not scientific but I believe the reader will have a better understanding, and how some things just happen.

When getting started on any project like the water there is testing to see what is working and how it is working, and you set samples aside to come back to and test at a later date. Where the testing was going on there were some different colored markers, and it was convenient just to swipe a color of a marker on the lid of each bottle in a batch and it just so happened that the first bottles that were used by friends and family to check out were marked with a Red / Green marker on the cap, not knowing what to call the product and when people who had tried the first wanted more they just asked for more of the red/green water, so that is how that got its name. It is very strong in oxygen compared to anything else on the market but it is our baseline product.

People were seeing good results by drinking the water and someone put an unopened bottle in a bath with them and experienced a detox effect, and just a quick note, you always want to start slow (short baths lower strength – Red/Green, gradual build-up time then strength, do not go fast) on detox baths, it is best for your body and you want to drink plenty of Liquid Manna before/during and after detox.

The next increase in oxygen strength was marked with a purple marker and some people called it Royal or purple, this product has higher oxygen content by many times over the Red / Green and for a period of time, this was the strongest product offered. So for a while, we only had two products and both were just colored caps was the name of them.

The strength was increased on the next product driven by demand for a stronger product and just because our strongest product was called royal how do you have a color that looks stronger than royal?? we could not think of a color either, so the next product was called Regal which is many times stronger than Royal, but is the first product that was not a colored cap. But just a note when you are writing on bottle caps you think the next time the name will be short and sweet.

And with that in mind we increased the strength again, by a factor over the Regal and for ease of writing on the caps just called it R+40, at the same time we wanted to see if we could increase the oxygen again by a multiplier factor, we did and called that product R+105.

So I think you can see, that sometimes names just evolve or slang is just given to them, sometimes you do things for your personal convenience, we did not use a marketing outfit to help us name our product, we made it and called it what we wanted to at the time.

Relative Strengths

The relative strengths of the different levels of our water is a common question, if we consider the base product the Red/Green which is a highly enhanced product by anyone’s standards, that is the product that was so powerful it proved the process and provided such early feedback that we made even stronger products, if we start with the Red/Green as one (1) the relative strengths are:

Red/Green 1
Royal 10
Regal 80
R+105 (Regal + 105) 160
Pearl 275

This is comparing the strength of one Liquid Manna water to the other, this does not compare to any other water or things. We make the different strengths for you to build your up your body in its oxygen level and detoxing, we do suggest starting with a lower strength such as Red/Green or Royal and let your body adapt to that before stepping up to stronger levels, compare going to a gym – on your first day you will not be able to do what a person who has been in a weight program for a while will be able to do.


Our goal with the water is to move the body from an acid state into the alkaline state. Reading other literature tells us that all diseases require an acid environment to survive. That is a pH below 7.0 If you are 6 or 5, you got problems for sure so work on correcting it.

The breakpoint is pH = 7.0 I like to see a pH of 7.3 to maybe 7.8. When you test with pH paper, the mouth will give a better reading in my estimation. Between meals, swallow 3 – 4 times before testing with the pH paper in the mouth. Remember that the kidneys dispose of poisons so don’t rely on a urine pH to tell you what you want to know. You would suspect that it would show below 7 there. Should you experience a burning sensation during urine elimination it probably means you haven’t been drinking enough water. Work with your body and it will serve you better. Taking coral calcium will also aid in raising the pH.

Detox baths and why you float bottles:

It has come to our attention that there is a misunderstanding among some users of Liquid Manna, and that is the directions for detox. Some have assumed that they are making full strength liquid manna in the detox water. Liquid Manna has always said to float a bottle of Liquid Manna in any water for detox, but we have never said to add a non-diluted solution of Liquid Manna to a potential detox solution. The reason to us has been simple, but some have misunderstood, the reason you float a bottle rather than add liquid manna to the solution is that you will detox too fast – which is not a good thing, you want to detox slowly so your body can easily adjust to the lack of toxins that it used to hold.

When you float a bottle of LM you will get about a 30% reduction in the energy that the bottle of LM holds and we have said it takes about 5 minutes for that to happen, but when adding LM from the bottle to a gallon of water that has an almost instant transfer of energy. So there is a very different process taking place, a 5 minute period with a 30% reduction in energy, or an almost instant transfer of energy. So that is why we say just to float a bottle or bath enhancements – which is actually why we produce the bath enhancements so that you cannot add them too fast, or too strong, they are designed to detox the body, but not so fast that the body has no time to adjust. We do not specify to detox in spring water either, which is different from LM for drinking directions, and that is because the spring water is used for drinking, the LM will transfer all of its charges to the spring water for drinking, but we know that tap water will reduce the energy of LM by up to 20%, so the detox solution will be more than 30% weaker than drinking LM with spring water, and as much as 50% depending on the water used (spring or city). Apparently some have felt, if they not knowing the previous dilutions that have been happening, have thought that they could soak any store-bought bottle in a bath that was prepared for detox and then make LM in the store-bought water – the actual truth is the possibility that the store-bought water thus floated would have a 60% to 80% reduction in the original strength of LM if the store-bought water was spring, even more of a reduction in the water was not spring. Which is not even close to the original and will certainly not act or achieve the results of the original bottle of LM. We have special machines and process at LM to ensure that what our customers get from us is at full strength as the original, anything less than what we provide you our loyal consumer is only a weak knockoff of the original.