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Over 75 years ago, Nobel Prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg demonstrated that the underlying cause of all disease is oxygen deficiency. He proved that no pathogen or cellular mutation can survive in an oxygen-rich environment within the body because oxygen is known to neutralize/eliminate excessive acidity and toxins. Until now, delivery of adequate levels of oxygen was not easily accessible.

Liquid Manna is a highly oxygenated, natural spring water which has been charged with a proprietary, energy enhancing process designed to maximize the delivery of oxygen to the body.

Until now oxygen-enhanced water was made by either bubbling oxygen in water or by mixing water with a blender. However, neither of those processes affected the water at the cellular level, where your body uses the oxygen. Liquid Manna enhances water at the cellular level where your body can reap the benefits of an oxygen-rich environment.

Our product is not just water; it is a technology whose time has come.

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