I have read in places to drink the first bottle straight.
When Fred had just developed Liquid Manna (LM), and we were and still are learning with all that our product can do, the first people who were trying the Red/Green or Royal, would start by drinking a non-diluted bottle the first day, and good things seem to follow by doing this, so that instruction has remained on the web and many other places. What seems to be happening by doing this: the straight bottle seems to set the body up for the diluted treatment that will follow and many people did and continue to drink the first bottle straight – sipping it for the first day then going forward from that time on with the diluted strength. Because good things were happening by doing that it has been a way to start drinking LM from the beginning of treatment, and many continue to do this.
Now that we have stronger strengths of LM, some have continued to follow the instructions above, which will be fine, and if someone has an acute health issue that is still a good way to start LM, but if one is of good general health it is an option to start with drinking the first bottle straight and then drinking diluted as the instructions say.
There are so many strengths of Liquid Manna, which should I start with?
When we first started out we had just a couple of strengths so that was an easy choice As a general statement which strength to order for the 1st time depends on your general health, we like to recommend to start with a lower strength and no higher than Regal. There are several reasons, among many of the benefits of our products is a detox effect while you will not be harmed by a stronger product we like to see people start slower and build the body up and you can in the future order stronger strengths, but many of our long-time customers continue to just use the Royal or Regal and are very happy with them and the results that they get.
If I want to put Liquid Manna in my eyes is it better for full strength or diluted?
We recommend for the eyes to use full strength and not diluted, several times a day should not be a problem as to frequency to drop a couple of drops into the eyes.
A common questions that we get is what is our PPM of oxygen, or what is our oxygen concentration??
This is basically a apples and oranges comparison, for example, if you say that sea water has a salt PPM you can separate out the salt from the water and be left with a quantity of salt in one hand and water with no salt in the other. Likewise, oxygen concentration, if water is carrying a concentration of oxygen it can be separated out by some means. We have many tested various products that have been infused with oxygen, by various means such as adding peroxide, ozone generation, bubbling or blending – so far all that we have tested – except Liquid Manna, may have a higher content of oxygen than tap water in the bottle, but most will lose about half their oxygen upon opening the bottle, and typically will lose all infused oxygen overnight and will have the oxygen content of tap water after a period of less than 8-12 hours when exposed ambient air.
What is very different about Liquid Manna (LM) and the results of our process, LM is stable in the oxygen level that it is energized to, at all temperatures, and time exposure. Our process is stable in temperature – we can freeze it and when thawed will have the same oxygen content, we have brought it to boiling temperature and it still has the same oxygen content as when made. We have left LM in an open container for days, and weeks with no oxygen drop from when it was made. This is the major reason LM is of such benefit to the body, the energy is a part of the water and not just infused into the water. So you cannot use terms to explain this by PPM or oxygen concentration – According to Nikola Tesla, oxygen is the only element that will pick up and carry electrical energy, and all things have a unique electrical signature.
Going forward
By our proprietary process we can energize oxygen to levels unheard of before, we have a unique Rad-D-Tox formula and we have been testing ongoing a group of 25 and monitoring and learning things about the issue of radiation from various sources. We are field testing other products which we will introduce under a different name. So as our founder said the oxygen is the healing fluid of all situations, that process that he developed is transferable to other applications as well.