I received the Liquid Manna on Wednesday after work (late after dance classes.) I was feeling pretty clogged up with sinus and a viral throat. Thursday I took the bottle of Royal to work and sipped it throughout the day. I went to dance class that night and felt great. I breathed okay and felt a lot of the garbage at the back of my throat from the sinuses move — lots of coughing to move it.

I had a doctor’s appointment today to check out my blood pressure, etc., and to see how the infection was going. Blood pressure was 115/70 – perfect. My throat was almost cleared, and even though I was given a prescription for antibiotics for my sinuses, I won’t be using it. My throat is clear as a bell now!

I have been drinking the regular Liquid Manna all day . . . a big jug of Prill water with the Liquid Manna and there you go . . . I’m feeling great and looking forward to what else may happen.


I have decades-long autoimmune disorders . . . of eyes and Multiple Sclerosis (involving dominantly sensory nerve pathways — pain and temperature).

After sipping about seven ounces of Royal Liquid Manna, I noticed that an excruciatingly painful left thumb joint was only slightly sore. I am left-handed and have not been able to use scissors for months. Until today, to hold anything firmly with my left hand has been nigh impossible for more than several months. (These acutely painful areas have long developed in various parts of my body “without notice.”) I also noticed that another very painful small area in my right groin of decades’ existence was now only slightly sore. It is early days, but I am decidedly encouraged by these two examples of significant decrease of pain. Nothing in the way of analgesia has ever had any beneficial effect on these very painful areas.


I have been using the Liquid Manna for only a short time and have experienced a satisfactory result. I have had pain in my shoulder due to a fall and pain in my neck due to whiplash for the past few years. Although the pain is not yet completely gone, I feel that the pain in my shoulder is reduced at least 60% and the pain in my neck at least 85%. Also, the water has helped with floaters in my eye. Looking forward to more of the same.


The lady that runs the local store in our village wanted some water. When I delivered it to her and was talking about the possibilities, she mentioned that her mother needed this water also. Reason being that she led one of these oxygen canisters around with the nose tube. I told her that if she got on the water, probably by the third day she wouldn’t need it.

She called me back today to tell me that she got her mother on the water on Friday and today, Monday, her oxygen had gone from 84 to 93. I will follow-up on this to see if she left the bottle alone but that is a nice jump in blood oxygen just simply from drinking the water. I told her that I expected it to go on up to perhaps 95 – 97 which is getting close to the upper limit of the apparatus that they use.

Dear .. my dad’s doctor for the prostate cancer today said that his cancer is down from 40% to 2% and the cancer is disappearing Glory to God. The doctor could not believe it and never seen anything like that happen and told him to keep doing whatever he is doing. My dad is 80 years old and is so happy today thanks to God for the liquid manna. Praise and Glory to the Most High for this healing and we truly thank you .. very much.

Remain Blessed in Christ’s Glory forever.