Liquid Manna as eye drops

A lot of people have learned thru various places that Liquid Manna can also be beneficial for the eyes.  Actually the way that this came about, our Mom (Doris) had glaucoma and had to have eye surgery several years before our Dad (Fred) the inventor of the process that is now known as Liquid Manna, even was a idea in his mind.  After the surgery the pain in Mom’s eye did not go away and she even ended up loosing sight in one of her eyes, and was blind in that eye for about 20 years.  Even though she could not see out of the eye, the pain was still great.  When Dad developed Liquid Manna, and at that time the only product was our Red / Green; drinking the Liquid Manna Red/Green had greatly helped Dad in his situation they both drank the Liquid Manna and Dad suggested to put Liquid Manna in her eyes to see if it would help relieve the pain in her eyes.  The initial results is that it did reduce the pain in her eyes so she continued to use the straight Liquid Manna in her eyes many times a day and continued to drink the Liquid Manna also, this she did for several months and maybe a couple of years.  Mom was not trying to get any benefit for her eyes other than to reduce the pain that she had lived with for so many years, one night driving home from church during a full moon she covered her good eye and could see the light of the moon through her eye that had been blind for so many years, she was very excited!!   Naturally she continued to drop undiluted Liquid Manna in her eyes since that was keeping the pain in her eye under control and continued to drink the Liquid Manna daily, gradually she was seeing more than a full moon and before she passed, she was able to see the forms of people in a room out of the eye that had been blind for so many years before.

Since then some customers drop undiluted Liquid Manna in their eyes, and some have had wonderful results, cataracts have diminished, eye floaters have gone away, it is very soothing to the eyes and does not seem to dry the eyes or make them dependent on continued use as some eye drops have a tendency to do, since the ingredient is pure spring water that is oxygen enhanced with our process.  The best results are drinking the diluted Liquid Manna as we suggest and supplementing that protocol with using Liquid Manna as undiluted eye drops.


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