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Liquid Manna is highly oxygenated, natural spring water created with a proprietary, energetic enhancing process.

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Liquid Manna is highly oxygenated, natural spring water created with a proprietary, energetic enhancing process.

To maintain very high oxygen levels within your body, simply mix one tablespoon of Liquid Manna® into one gallon (3.8 liters) of non-chlorinated, high-quality water and drink daily.

One bottle of concentrated Liquid Manna makes 32 gallons of oxygenated Liquid Manna™ water.

Type Potency
Red/Green 1
Royal 10
Regal 80
R+105 (Regal + 105) 160
Pearl 275

This is comparing the strength of one Liquid Manna water to the other, this does not compare to any other water or things. We make the different strengths for you to build your up your body in its oxygen level and detoxing, we do suggest starting with a lower strength such as Red/Green or Royal and let your body adapt to that before stepping up to stronger levels, compare going to a gym – on your first day you will not be able to do what a person who has been in a weight program for a while will be able to do.

To Start Drink one bottle of Liquid Manna® : Pour about 1/3 of it in a glass. Sit down and sip that 1/3 bottle slowly over a period of 15 to 30 minutes. (Drinking quickly might cause some folks to get a little dizzy but the dizziness will pass quickly.) Slowly sip the remainder of the bottle over the next 4 to 6 hours, This will be the first day. The second day and going forward, use as labeled – add 1 tablespoon of Liquid Manna to 1 gallon of good spring water, used this way the bottle of Liquid Manna will energize 32 gallons of good spring water.

Make your coffee, tea, other beverages with your mixed Liquid Manna, you can add Liquid Manna to your milk, juices, any type of natural drink, just add 1 tablespoon per gallon of natural liquid and it will be oxygen enhanced.

Liquid Manna® in an Eye Dropper
If you have an eye condition such as cataracts, glaucoma or macular degeneration, you might consider putting drops of Regular Liquid Manna® into your eyes several times each day.
Whether consumed, added to personal care products, utilized for pets, ponds, plants, or people, Liquid Manna is a stable*, enriched oxygen supplement with application limited only by your creativity.

*The oxygen within Liquid Manna is very stable. It will not be compromised by freezing, boiling, radiation, etc.
Ingredients: 16 ounces Premium Spring Water, super oxygenated with an energetic proprietary process. “We make no medical claims. Engineering is our background, not medicine. We have just learned how to increase the oxygen in the water to an extremely high level.”

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Red/Green, Royal, Regal, R+105, Pearl