Rad D-Tox used to help with eye injury

A customer got hit in the eye with a nerf dart, I will copy and paste the dialogue, minor editing of the texts:

Customer: When you had someone talk about an eye getting improvement on liquid manna. Which one do you recommend? I got hit with a nerf dart in my eye this week and have hyphema of the eye with high pressure. Luckily my retina didn’t tear but it’s a long road of getting better. I am going to order some liquid manna but not sure which one would be best? The rad detox or the regular one?

Liquid Manna: Sorry to hear about your eye, that was our Mom your are referring to, at the time we only had the Red/Green and that is what she used, I will link the blog here:


I have not used the Rad D-Tox for this type of thing, but it does have the oxygen energy in it, and you have witnessed amazing results, you would be the first that I have recommend it to for the eyes, but that might be the best, realize this is just thinking about all that it has done, for you and others, but I am thinking with your injury to strongly consider the Rad.

Customer: Yea that makes sense. I’ll try that first.

Customer today 3:04 pm: God bless you! That is so incredibly nice to send me two of them and liquid manna water. It is so appreciated. I have been so depressed about my eye issues and feeling hopeless because it is gonna be so many weeks of worrying about it re hemorrhaging or the retina tearing. I have been having head aches all morning and can just see out of one eye clearly. I have put both rad detox and the liquid manna water in and the head ache is gone. I can’t wait to go to my next eye appointment and I just know this is gonna work some kind of miracle. It’s already less red. Thank you so much! (sends first picture of red eye)

Customer The eye doctor would not even guarantee me that I’ll be able to see like I did prior to this. I think liquid manna may be my last hope. The eye drops are just keep pressure down inside eye and I don’t even trust steroids do anything. They have me on all these eye drops that I would typically oppose but I have no other ideas at the moment. I’m told it will be months but I won’t accept that. I know this is already giving me more relief than I’ve had for the last week. I’ll be sure to send you an after picture that I genuinely believe will be better much sooner than the eye doctor says. You can post it in your blog too

Customer today at 4:21 sends the clear eye picture:: How is this possible??????
The ophthalmologist isn’t going to understand how this is even possible!!!
The black spot disappeared in 20 minutes of taking it!! I was told it could be weeks before it dissolved

I did both Rad D-Tox and the red-green stuff

Liquid Manna tonight: That is quite a change!! I am so happy to see such a dramatic improvement in such a short time, I am so glad for you, yes I will try to post this, this is amazing!! PTL!!