Long time user

I began using Liquid Manna Oxygenated water around 2010 approximately.
A massage therapist friend indicated that one could put an unopened bottle of Liquid Manna Oxygenated water into the bathtub and it would oxygenate all the water in the tub.
He told us we could gain many benefits from then soaking in that water for 20 minutes or so…i have done that almost daily ever since.
My understanding is that this process results in detoxifying the body…pulling out and off toxins that build up in our bodys each day …an example would be Round Up Weed killer or Mold ect…
I also drink the liquid manna by mixing a teaspoon full into a large glass of water or at times when very sick i will sip a bottle of liquid manna straight.
The above protocol I’ve mentioned has had many positive results…
I fully believe that by utilizing liquid manna i have been able to detoxify years of debris and toxins that have been stored in my body.
It is a process to regain health and it’s not “overnight” but there is an unmistakable change in my body and particularly in my head and even in my mind. Praise God!
About a year ago i began having very strange pain in my head and i felt i couldn’t think straight…i felt very emotional and very weak….it was truly frightening!
I have friend who is very gifted at muscle testing and with her help and much prayer i realized the culprit causing this terribleness that was happening to me…they had installed a huge ,many armed electromagnetic cel tower just across the street from my house!!!
My friend told me i needed the Liquid Manna R.A.D. drops NOW!!
My situation was so horrendous that i barely could hold my head on!
I give all the PRAISE and Glory to Jesus Christ for “bringing to the light of day that which was hidden in darkness”
Within a week of taking 2 full dropperfuls of the Radiation Detox drops my symptoms began to calm down…the fear began to subside and i felt i had dodged a bullet!
I find i need to take a dropperful daily to stave off the terrible effects of all the electromagnetic crap all around us…I DO NOT KNOW WHAT I WOULD DO WITHOUT THIS PRODUCT!
I thank God for enlightening Fred and then David to be able to come up with these LIFE SAVING NATURAL products!