9-2-10: I went to the dentist to have a crown put in. Prior to that, they had done surgery on my gum. Of course, I was in pain even though the area was numbed. Once I left the dentist’s office, (I carry my water with me everywhere I go), I put some water in my mouth and let it stay for less than ten minutes. I have not experienced any pain since!

9-2-10 through the present: My transit time to the bathroom has increased in both areas which are great! I have spent thousands of dollars on my colon/bowels due to constipation. No more! I am regular — several times regular (smiles). I am loving it. I have a lot of energy.

9-5-10: This is the big one! Having been in the hospital for so long, of course, my strength was not what it should be. I could not stand for long periods of time because I was extremely weak. However, day by day, I am healing since I have been drinking the Liquid Manna. I get stronger by the glass full, so to speak (smiles.) Today I walked to the end of my street — not a full block, but one portion. That is a huge experience. That is the first time since I was discharged on 8-27-07 that I have been able to walk. I know that eventually very soon, I will be able to walk the entire block . . . all four sides. I couldn’t wait to share this with you, and yet I almost forgot because we were talking about the water so much! This has made my day. So now I am encouraged to get up every morning and take a “stroll” down the street! I will keep you posted as I progress.

This is the last cycle of chemo, and I will be taking the Royal Liquid Manna. By the way, my name which is in Hebrew and Sanskrit means “Healing Water” in Sanskrit, so I know this is it for me. I took a long road to get here; however, all praise to the Divine Creator. I made it!

9-27 & 28-10: I walked around the entire block for the first time in three years! The Liquid Manna has given me such expansion in my lungs that I have “the wind in my sails” again. No, I am not running yet! Just walking and walking!

I am now putting three drops in my eyes daily and the “floaters” are floating away! They are clearing away slowly but surely. Veins that were knotted in the right leg have “sailed away”! The water has prevented the side effects of the chemo. I don’t expect to be doing another cycle next month.

What this technology has done for my health in less than 30 days is amazing to me! I have so much more energy! I feel alive. When I awaken, I am rested, even though I have many more trips to the bathroom at night! But it’s all good! The more I can detox my system, the healthier my body becomes! The body heals itself when it is functioning optimally.

I have noticed that it also tones the skin and just makes one feel more at peace with one’s self.

We all want to thank Fred for introducing us to Liquid Manna technology.