I received the Liquid Manna on Wednesday after work (late after dance classes.) I was feeling pretty clogged up with sinus and a viral throat. Thursday I took the bottle of Royal to work and sipped it throughout the day. I went to dance class that night and felt great. I breathed okay and felt a lot of the garbage at the back of my throat from the sinuses move — lots of coughing to move it.

I had a doctor’s appointment today to check out my blood pressure, etc., and to see how the infection was going. Blood pressure was 115/70 – perfect. My throat was almost cleared, and even though I was given a prescription for antibiotics for my sinuses, I won’t be using it. My throat is clear as a bell now!

I have been drinking the regular Liquid Manna all day . . . a big jug of Prill water with the Liquid Manna and there you go . . . I’m feeling great and looking forward to what else may happen.