I have been on the Liquid Manna for two days and took a bath with the Royal last night. I have been painting our porch and deck for a week. I am always very active but this kind of painting on a porch that wraps 3/4 of our home is a massive project with primer on old gray wood. Are you getting the picture?

I had been taking the enzymes but have now added the Liquid Manna. When you are 25, that’s one thing, but when you are 60, it’s another.

Results after two days:

  • Achy muscles are not painful but instead just letting me know they have been worked.
  • I had the start of a canker sore inside my lip where I bit it the other day. That can be a two-week process that gets worse before better if you don’t do something to counter it. With even my usual methods it takes a few days of constant attention to the area with a topical application and keeping my mouth as alkaline as possible. Ahhh, it is gone. In two days of only drinking the water, there is no trace of it ever being there!
  • My fingers and hands have usually been very sore when I do that kind of work . . . such as a lot of yard work, painting, etc. This morning I can close my fingers all the way down to the base of my hand easily.
  • Oh man, the past two nights have been the most restful sleep I have had in many a moon. Wake feeling more refreshed.