Just had a call from a lady whose sister lives in Fla. She had failed her eye test for drivers license renewal and was really upset about it. The reason was a detached retina. Sent our water to the lady in Fla. and she started drinking it. she had heard us talk about the tissue healing qualities and decided rather than put the water directly in her eye, she soaked a pad and just put it around the eye in different spots. She noticed the swelling went down. Later she left her keys on the counter and from a distance, she could see them. She covered the good eye and could see the keys with the eye that has a detached retina. She was really excited and wanted to report this so I am passing it on to the group as an encouragement.

I had my eyes checked today. It had been almost three years since my last prescription for glasses. At that time the eye doctor told me that I needed to keep tabs on my eyes because cataracts were forming. After about three months I checked with him again and then a couple of months later. His answer both times was that “they are no better and no worse.” Of course, I have been on the water all this time, increasing my oxygen. Today I told him that I was really interested in what the cataract situation is. He checked and could find no trace of cataracts and said that the small black spots that were in my eyes back then are now gone. He says they are totally clear. I told him a little about the Liquid Manna of course.