Excerpts of conversations with Megan

Following is excerpts and edited messages between Liquid Manna and a customer we will call Megan, the edited portions is either spelling or things that might identify the customer and where they live or work or views that private conversation should be able to have, there is a lot of good information passed between us, and I wanted to share one of many examples of a excited customer and some of the positive effects Liquid Manna and our products have in peoples lives.  A coupon code is at the bottom of this page, coupon expires October 7, 2018

Hi I have been ordering a number of your products I’ve ordered the liquid manna water and the RAD detox, I was curious are they the same thing or two different products because I’ve been using simultaneously and wanted to know if it is safe for me to drink entire bottle of the pearl liquid manna and use the rad detox and is rad detox safe to use on my kids? I’ve been able to stop taking a medication I was taking to work night shift (edited) and I have more energy than I’ve ever had. Hoping for some more information about the rad detox. What do you recommend for someone in renal failure in dialysis and not much time left. Is this safe for my brother in law to take this stuff. I’m a real believer in the stuff and he’s been researching it to and excited to try it but just curious if there’s a way you recommend use of it all?

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Megan several question here, so try to break it down in order. The Rad is a different product than LM, made with the same process, but it is our process that allows us to make our products. We recommend to dilute all of our oxygen enhanced products (not Rad), 1 tablespoon per gallon, so each bottle enhances 32 gallons of good spring water. You can at the same time drink LM and take Rad. It is safe for all ages. The Rad counters Rad from many sources, and you being a … and have a higher exposure level, be sure to take maintenance doses at least once a Month, 7-10 drops per day for 5-7 days, if exposed to Rad ie flying, x-ray ect, take a maintenance dose after exposure. Sorry to hear about your brother in law, but yes our products are safe for all ages and health conditions, It gives the body the fuel that helps the body heal itself – oxygen energy. It would be good to let a couple of hours pass between any medication and drinking LM if you can do so. I think I broke down your questions in order, if I missed one let me know, but I think this answers most. I do have to include for completeness, it is our society: Disclaimer: the information on this site is provided for educational use only. It is not provided in order to diagnose, prescribe, or treat any disease illness, or injured condition of the body. Consult your health care professional if necessary.


Thank you for answering my long run on list of questions lol. I have one more question, does the Rad detox also detox things other than radiation? Recently I was forced to get the flu shot and using a zeolite with these supplements but it’s the first time I didn’t have a reaction to the flu shot (which is mandatory at my job). I’m just fascinated by how amazing this stuff works. I also work in live in the area (edited) that was where large amounts of radioactive materials were buried at a number of sites and directly across street from my work so after starting Rad detox I was starting taking a little extra and the results have been unreal. I even give a few drops to my young kids and seeing major behavior improvements and my youngest child is talking at 18 months which happened suddenly the week after I started using this stuff-it’s hard to say if it’s related but it makes me feel empowered to be able to do something to counteract the toxins especially the radioactive ones in our environment which rumor is that it has leaked into our ground water and the epa does nothing and we can’t avoid it, when they get baths even with buying bottled water. I really appreciate this company it has honestly changed my life since I no longer take a neuro degenerating stimulant medication prescribed for “shift work disorder” that before I could barely function without, no I don’t even need and I am not even yawning or feeling tired even after I get home at 8am in the morning. Hope you have a blessed day!


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Megan, I had to leave for the day before I got a chance to read this. As with our products I don’t think we know all benefits that they provide, I am sure you understand that you can’t make claims without “independent testing, yet independents labs cannot test what we can do it is the “catch 22” that we face daily – all of us. Rad was developed for one thing, but we are finding that it has more effects than what we thought, it seems to help with ELF, EMF effects, some use it for sun blocker – all these things are Rad in one form or another, so I am surprised – but in a way not really to read of what you have found how it is working for you, which is a big part of why we do what we are doing to help others. We have seen evidence that even washing items that has Rad, fish / vegetables in a solution helps a lot, you may want to try some Rad in your bath water at times, is one suggestion I have, naturally I suggest use it frequently since your exposure is high. Thank you for your kind words of support and the best for you and your family.


That’s a really good idea, I didn’t think to put in kids baths at night too. We are very thankful for this product. As a Mom keeping your kids safe is a lot harder than it used to be and mine are only 1 and 5. We truly appreciate this product. It helps me feel like I have some small control in a world where you feel like everywhere you turn you are being exposed to chemicals/toxins you weren’t told about. Little things like this give me hope. -God bless, 

Liquid Manna

thank you, continued best to you

I have a couple questions about adding the liquid manna to my kids bath. I was putting a few drops of rad detox in tub with them and after reading your website talking about the bottle of liquid manna and how only to float bottle not dilute it in. I won’t cause any harm to my kids right when I used some of the liquid manna when I ran out of Rad detox? I’m just curious if you could explain to me how the Rad detox works vs the liquid manna bottles because I mixed the two just not realizing i should make sure that is ok. Which one do you recommend for eye drops? I want to be sure I’m using this correctly. How does the liquid manna effect body vs how the Rad detox effects the body? Hope I’m not a bother but I’m a serious over thinker especially when I’m using something for my kids (if it’s just me I don’t worry so much lol)

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Question 1- Rad D Tox – detoxifies the body of radiation; Liquid Manna oxygen enhanced water puts oxygen in the body, so they do different things. Floating the Liquid Manna water in the tub is a slower way of having the body absorb and detoxify with the oxygen. Question 2- The Rad D Tox you can put a couple of drops of it in their bath water (every other day) and (every day) float the Liquid Manna oxygen water bottle in the tub also. That will give the body time to detox and not go to fast. Question 3 – You can continue to take the Rad D Tox per instructions internally. Also, you can continue to take the Liquid Manna water internally on a daily basis per instructions of adding a tablespoon to a gallon of water and drinking the water as desired. Eyes – Only use the Liquid Manna oxygen enhanced water in the eyes straight, not deluded. . Hope this helps. please feel free to ask questions, David

So you have no other info on the Rad detox. I’m only asking because I’m taking and giving my kids coseva advanced trs a nano zeolite that detoxes metals and I don’t want to give the same working product so you have no other info on the Rad detox and how it works?


Liquid Manna
Radiation Neutralizing Remedy Liquid Manna®. This is Fred’s Scalar Radiation Neutralizing Remedy that he designed to protect his family since the Fukushima disaster. Tests thus far have shown that it has kept us free from the following: Radiation General Designed for protection against 17 key elements and also Radiation Fallout (microwave, dental x-rays). Includes: Promoline Iodine and Potassium Iodide Barium (radioactive) Suggested use: 10 drops per day, under tongue for 3 weeks. Cesium 132, 134, 137 Cobalt (1). (2), (3), (4) Possible Maintenance: Every 2 months thereafter 10 drops per day under tongue for a week. Gamma A Bomb (1), (2) However, ongoing test show that original 21-day procedure has been effective Iodine (radioactive) for a year. Tests are ongoing. Plutonium (1), (2) Strontium 90 (1), (2) Disclaimer: the information on this site is provided for educational use only. It is not provided in order to diagnose, prescribe, or treat any disease illness, or injured condition of the body.


So it has radioactive barium in it? or it removes it? So it is just promoline iodine and potassium iodide that makes a lot more sense just being sure it wasn’t also a type of zeolite

I just think the two things are working well and your product passed the hand test at the naturalist doctor I went to last week she said it was showing to be effective on my body when she couldn’t pull my fingers apart while holding this in opposite hand. Thanks for all the info and I have a lot of faith in this product. I think a lot of my families issues have been related to an 8-9 year exposure to radioactive stuff (edited) and I am thankful I have some hope to protect myself

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He is out of town right now. Question 1- So it has radioactive barium in it? It removes it. We continue to have good reports from people who use the product and continue to learn more about it.


I was meaning that it removes it. Sorry I work nights. The way he wrote it was confusing to me because a lot of things that pull out bad things can use things that seem toxic to pull bad things out so I was confused. I just wanted to make sure it was safe to take with other supplements since I was giving to my kids. I don’t want any secret formula just to be certain it wouldn’t interact with other things. Sorry I won’t ask anymore questions

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Your fine asking questions, and I would and have done the same thing being a Mom! I’m sorry for the situation you are in! Feel free to ask questions, I was just being direct so as not to cause any confusion. I was not trying to be grouchy, I’m sorry if I came off that way. Please keep us updated on how you and your family are doing! Thank you, Linda


Liquid Manna
David and I both take and use all of our products as well as our kids and grandkids. So we do understand.The best to you and your family! Thank you, Linda


This product in combination with coseva advanced trs has completely changed my life. I completely believe we had so much aluminum in environment food drink and other heavy metals and our area and the radiation burial sites (location edited) nuclear waste site is across street (edited) I have always known something was making me loose chunks of hair when I’d return to work after being on leave I’d just lose hair by the bunches it would clog our drain weekly and I was getting mouth ulcers.  my spouse is having same improvements since we both have been diagnosed in recent years with “adult onset adhd” which I have a feeling was adult onset toxin overload but we appreciate this product but every now and then I read reviews of fear mongering parents saying never try supplements on your kids but I feel wrong now not giving them a way to detox because they are being poisoned by everything in environment. I love how your product gives glory to God because I feel like it is truly a blessing from God to have a way to protect my kids even if it is a little bit the amount of people who I saw where we live (edited) who had no prior medical history and have Mets cancer to brain spine lungs bones just horror stories of young parents in 30s with 4 kids told they have only months left and I knew in my heart something was wrong and I look up address in chart when I see these extreme cancer cases seeing they lived in my same zip code terrifies me and even the people who owned house prior our neighbors said the lady for cancer. I have known back when I watched something about the few the proud camp lajune documentary then we see flint Michigan and I see the priest at a local church speaking it a few years ago in my area saying someone needed to investigate why he buried more babies in this area then the entire time he has been a priest in one year back 2014 and the epa came in did a report never came back to release new reports people know in our area something is wrong but we don’t have abilities to test radioactive material so all I can do is helplessly know something could happen and most people are zombies and don’t care what a going on anymore so they just think you are in on a conspiracy if you show how dangerous vaccines are in combo with the environment factors I have friends with more than one autistic kids who still don’t connect dots. I feel very blessed to find this product I know it is a real blessing. Sorry for rambling but I’m telling you I’m slowly but surely getting my entire family hooked on this stuff like my adult parents my adult sister and her husband and I’m spreading the info about it but that’s why I was wanting reassurance since I’m giving to people I care about and want to be sure it’s safe but we have had no problems after more than a month now only amazing improvement. Sorry this is long. Have a good one


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Megan I grasp a bit of the pressure that you find yourself in, it is certainly a complex situation that thinking people discover about our environment, and what we can do to help the ones that we care about, this is part of why that dad developed the products that we call LM, and we hope that they are worthy of your trust in your situation that you are living with. David


Thank you so much as soon as I get home from work I plan to order some more as well, we really appreciate it. We were doing different supplements but this is only one we use right now that we can trust enough to give kids and I can tell when they don’t have it for a few days and I know the preschool has three huge cell phone towers just jamming them with microwave radiation so I believe this stuff really helps with that cuz they always seem really stressed after school lately and my mom works literally on the road of the west lake landfill and she asked for Rad detox for her Christmas gift cuz I gave her some of my other one so I’m spreading the word slowly but surely. It’s hard to get people to realize what they are eating as food ingredients and explaining things even to family to wake them up takes time but I’ll be doing another order later today as well but won’t need that one but Christmas since the other has the Rad detox but it’s been nice to have on hand. I am almost certain drinking have the pearl liquid manna was how I stopped this flu bug I was getting. I’ve used your product on my arm following flu shot and instead of swelling up like it started to do after the Rad detox specifically it completely went away no swelling so I used it when I burned my hand on stove recently it worked wonders I’m imagining the healing powers it does inside body if it does that


Sorry I just Love your product I’m sure you probably think I’m nuts cuz I send these long winded messages but it makes me excited to be blessed enough to have found this stuff. I feel like we are all really healthy and while we eat organic and do healthier things this stuff was a game changer


Liquid Manna


Megan, I do love to hear what our product is doing for you, and I might edit some and put your experiences in the testimony section of web site I do leave out names so you won’t be bothered if this is ok with you. but fyi, I did send extra rad, and pearl, and R+105, for you to use or share.

That would be fine with me lol my Facebook messages are like a grammatical mess so I apologize edit however you need to.

Thank you again, this stuff is really a medical break through. I was using that coseva trs a liquid zeolite and thought it was helping but it was only the Rad detox cuz we stopped using it and the Rad detox is working even better now than before and it’s an excellent way for my kids to fight off a virus like they get non stop at daycare I give them some water with the liquid manna in it and they get better so much faster because I can’t use CDS on them cuz I am still learning how it works but I don’t use antibiotics unless it was life and death and CDS didn’t work lol. My fiancé and I feel like we have some superhuman ability to stop sickness lately while everyone around is really sick this year has been bad with viruses too.  My youngest was prob meeting criteria to be admitted with a cold he got recently and I gave him liquid manna with juice and he like bounced back within a day and a half prob. I also don’t know if I told you this but my dog had a weird eye infection we aren’t sure what it was but two times using the bottle of liquid manna as eye drops she didn’t have any eye issue and we still don’t know what it was even but it cured it
It’s really amazing how my 5 yr old keeps insisting the bath pads that go in tub are helping his cough somehow when he puts it in his pillow case lol. And the 18 month old won’t take any medicine and smacks it a way but reaches for the liquid manna Rad detox like it’s candy or something like kids subconsciously know what is good for them
The preschool daycare bugs going around this year have been particularly nasty and when I say I’ve tried it all I honestly have and liquid manna is the only thing that actually helps more than a few hours
Liquid Manna
The bath pads are the strength of the LM bottles they say – and for years and the reason we made the pads are that some people slept with bottles of LM and floated the bottles in the water, we made the pads to keep the temptation away from pouring the LM straight into the bath water, so this all makes sense.
Oh how cool he is actually being helped from it. He even checks to make sure no one takes it out of his pillow. He will be a lifetime customer I’m sure
So the Rad detox works on injuries and I actually thought my fiancé broke his ankle and hurt my wrist and the swelling goes away almost instantly like 10 minutes is says and he could barely walk I put it on the ankle that was swollen so huge he dropped his drill in garage on it and the Rad detox made swelling completely go away. I don’t know if we’re stopping natural healing or helping it but it worked better than ice or anything else. Have you ever heard of the Rad detox working like this? I’m sure you have but it was still amazing. I have been reading the curing the symptoms known as autism book and they have cured 390 cases of autism completely cured like no atec score and they have the final treatment stage of their treatment plan is using a hyperbaric chamber and I wander if you know if liquid manna is equivalent to or stronger than a hyperbaric chamber because a lot of these parents can’t get their kids to a hyperbaric chamber because of insurance issues or money and I wander if that’s why it has helped my kids and I so much because most people have parasites in body and the cd and the diet change can only take these kids so far until they do the hyperbaric chamber and reading all the things oxygenation does for body in this book just backed up everything liquid manna has been doing for my kids and my family.
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Liquid Manna as eye drops

A lot of people have learned thru various places that Liquid Manna can also be beneficial for the eyes.  Actually the way that this came about, our Mom (Doris) had glaucoma and had to have eye surgery several years before our Dad (Fred) the inventor of the process that is now known as Liquid Manna, even was a idea in his mind.  After the surgery the pain in Mom’s eye did not go away and she even ended up loosing sight in one of her eyes, and was blind in that eye for about 20 years.  Even though she could not see out of the eye, the pain was still great.  When Dad developed Liquid Manna, and at that time the only product was our Red / Green; drinking the Liquid Manna Red/Green had greatly helped Dad in his situation they both drank the Liquid Manna and Dad suggested to put Liquid Manna in her eyes to see if it would help relieve the pain in her eyes.  The initial results is that it did reduce the pain in her eyes so she continued to use the straight Liquid Manna in her eyes many times a day and continued to drink the Liquid Manna also, this she did for several months and maybe a couple of years.  Mom was not trying to get any benefit for her eyes other than to reduce the pain that she had lived with for so many years, one night driving home from church during a full moon she covered her good eye and could see the light of the moon through her eye that had been blind for so many years, she was very excited!!   Naturally she continued to drop undiluted Liquid Manna in her eyes since that was keeping the pain in her eye under control and continued to drink the Liquid Manna daily, gradually she was seeing more than a full moon and before she passed, she was able to see the forms of people in a room out of the eye that had been blind for so many years before.

Since then some customers drop undiluted Liquid Manna in their eyes, and some have had wonderful results, cataracts have diminished, eye floaters have gone away, it is very soothing to the eyes and does not seem to dry the eyes or make them dependent on continued use as some eye drops have a tendency to do, since the ingredient is pure spring water that is oxygen enhanced with our process.  The best results are drinking the diluted Liquid Manna as we suggest and supplementing that protocol with using Liquid Manna as undiluted eye drops.


Disclaimer: the information on this site is provided for educational use only. It is not provided in order to diagnose, prescribe, or treat any disease illness, or injured condition of the body. Consult your health care professional if necessary.