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Get the most out of your bath with our enhancements.

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4″ Round Pads – Can be easily used as portable pain pads.

Many folks like to drink Liquid Manna for its benefits on the inside, as well as soak in a Liquid Manna enhanced bath. Until now those that wanted to do so would float an unopened bottle of Liquid Manna in their bath. We have enhanced the following 4″ Round pads with our proprietary enhancement process.

Our customers who do a lot of bathing with Liquid Manna baths, tell us that the lesser strengths of enhancement work extremely well in a bath situation. Therefore we have enhanced the following items to lower levels than some of our drinking water.

As you fill your tub, drop in the 4″ Round Pad that is the strength that you desire and it will enhance the bath water as it floats around.

We are offering these as a set.

The Pink 4″ Pad is enhanced to our original Red/Green level.

The Blue is enhanced to our Royal(purple) level

and the Clear is enhanced to our Regal level.

These Pads are durable and should last a long time. You can have a small pain pad with you. These strengths are not as strong as our 9 X 12 pad but can be handy to have in your pocket or purse or on your desk to relieve tension.

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