It’s been a little over a month. I ordered the Liquid Manna. I have Meneirs Disease and Vestibular Migraines. My daughter has the same diagnosis but different symptoms. Before Liquid Manna…I was NOT able to sit and ride in a car for over 40 miles without symptoms of vomiting and dizziness, headaches and light sensitivity. I was not able to look at the scenery as I drove or rode down the highway unless I would get dizzy and vomit. I couldn’t sleep lying flat or dizzy spells occurred. My daughter could not sleep flat and have violent dizzy attacks every three months like clockwork. I am proud to say after drinking the liquid Manna and wearing the mask I am able to live a normal life. I was able to ride in the car from Virginia to Georgia with no complications!!!!! I could look at the trees and buildings at night and have fun. I had small discomforts but nothing to prevent me from enjoying my trip like before. This stuff is amazing. I can not believe it!!! My daughter can sleep flat and her episode for this months has not occurred. We are crossing our fingers. I gave it a month before I reported the outcome. I don’t take those strong medications that kept me drugged up and drowsy anymore! Thank you very much!!!! I look and feel normal again. This stuff really works!!!!!