My husband picked up the Liquid Manna package yesterday, so this morning I drank one of the Royal bottles. I had also drunk about half a gallon of the Liquid Manna water yesterday and am finishing that off today. I have had a scar on my ankle since I was nine years old. I was trying to call what we called a lively lad (sickle) to cut some tall weeds. It had a long handle and a triangle shape at the bottom that held a heavy blade. I couldn’t get it to cut the weeds so I raised it as high as my head, straight out in front of me, and let it fall thinking it would stop when it hit the weeds. It didn’t and it sunk deep into the front of my leg, leaving a wavy, deep gash. Luckily it missed the large tendon in my leg. My mom bandaged it but it left a large, raised scar. I put a piece of gauze soaked with Liquid Manna water on the scar last night. This morning that scar was already smaller and flatter. I added more Liquid Manna water to the scar and look forward to seeing how long it will take for the scar to disappear completely. Actually, I’ll be in shock if the scar disappears, but I look forward to seeing how it goes.